Sponsored Display (beta)

Introducing a new advertising solution that lets you create display campaigns in minutes with a budget of any size. Use Sponsored Display to reach the right audience for your business based on your business goals.

How to get started


Select your targeting strategy
(audience or product).


Set your bid and daily budget.


Choose the product you would like to promote.


Your ad is automatically created and will appear on Amazon.

Who can use Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display is available for vendors and agencies with vendor clients who sell products on Amazon. In order to advertise, your products must be in one or more eligible categories.

How Sponsored Display works

Reach the right audiences for your business

Audiences are automatically created based on relevant Amazon shopping activities to help you achieve your business objectives.

Maximise impact with minimal effort

Without extensive resources you can promote your full product catalogue with creatives that are customisable, auto-generated and then optimised for conversion.

Support your business objectives

Sponsored Display helps businesses large and small meet their goals, from product awareness to consideration and conversion.

Frequently asked questions

How do Sponsored Display campaigns work?

Sponsored Display enables you to quickly—in just a few clicks–set up display campaigns that run on Amazon. Simply select your audience, set your bid and daily budget, choose your product to advertise and create your campaign. Ad creatives are automatically generated with the same familiar features as sponsored ads. A customisable headline or logo, product image, pricing, badging and star rating provide helpful product information to inform buying decisions. Ads link back to your product detail page, making it easy for customers to browse or buy.

Sponsored Display uses automation and machine learning to optimise your campaigns. Bids automatically adjust based on likelihood of conversion, while still allowing you to change your bid or pause your campaign. Bid controls will automatically decrease your bid if it is not necessary to bid at a higher level to convert to sale.

How can I reach the right audience for my business?

Reach audiences who showed interest in categories related to your promoted product. You can also engage relevant audiences by targeting specific detail pages of products on Amazon.

Where will my Sponsored Display ads appear?

Your ads may appear on Amazon on desktop, mobile sites and apps.

Audiences or product targeting selectedDescriptionAd placement
InterestsEngage audiences whose shopping activities on Amazon demonstrate interests in product categories related to your promoted product.On product detail pages or other product-related pages
ProductsTarget specific products on Amazon that are similar or complementary to your promoted product.On product detail pages or other product-related pages
Do I need to add keywords to my Sponsored Display campaign?

Sponsored Display uses browsing and buying signals to automatically reach audiences who may be interested in your promoted product.

How much does Sponsored Display cost?

Sponsored Display ads are purchased on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. CPC advertising is a type of paid advertising where ads display at no charge—ad impressions or views, are free—and you are charged only when a customer clicks your ad. There is no minimum ad investment required. Advertisers choose their daily bid and budget.

What results can I expect from Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display can help you increase product awareness, consideration and conversion by displaying your ad to shoppers on Amazon. Ad creative includes a customisable headline or logo (depending on placement) and links back to your detail page on Amazon. Advertisers can use the same familiar campaign metrics available within our sponsored ads suite to understand campaign performance. Advertisers will soon see additional Amazon Advertising display metrics, such as detail page views, add to basket and new-to-brand metrics, that demonstrate how Sponsored Display can further help grow your business.

Who can use Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display is available to vendors and agencies with vendor clients who sell products on Amazon.