Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads.

How Amazon DSP works

Exclusive audience access

Use exclusive Amazon audiences to reach your ideal audience on and off Amazon.

Unique, high-quality inventory

Programmatically reach your audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and apps and leading publishers’ sites through third-party exchanges.

Brand safeguards

We use both our own and third-party solutions, from manual site reviews to real-time bid evaluation, to uphold quality standards and brand safety.

How to get started

Self-service options are available with Amazon DSP. Self-service customers are in full control of their campaigns, and there are no management fees.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who do not. Amazon DSP is best suited to advertisers who want to programmatically buy display and video ads at scale.

What ads can I buy through Amazon DSP?

You can purchase display ads and video ads using Amazon DSP.