Display Ads

Simple User Guide 3 Steps

Select product for ads

Select a product and create your ads using Amazon provided tools or upload.

Run your campaign

Set your bids, define your target segment, review your campaign and get started.

Get analytic report

Deliver marketing that works. Measure your advertising impact and refine your campaigns to drive results.

Precise Placement

Select precise placements for your Display Ads and target them basis keyword searches or shopper interest segments. Or choose smart bid to let Amazon decide the best placement for your brands.

Sell More on Amazon.in

When shoppers click on your ads they can be directly taken to your product detail page or other customized page on Amazon.in to close the sale. A robust dashboard helps you gauge impressions, clicks, considerations, sales, and moreā€”so you'll know when to revamp creative, adjust your targeting, or adjust bids - to drive your sales.