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Samsung Leverages on Amazon Display Advertising

Samsung sold 5 times the number of units sold by closest competition because of Amazon Display Ads

Samsung launched the On Pro series smartphone in India with the objective of increasing their market share in the `10k-15k phone market and used Amazon Display Ads to achieve this goal.

Amplified reach

In Sept’16, Samsung the world’s largest mobile phones manufacturer worked with Amazon Display Advertising to drive product visibility and sales for their recently launched Samsung On5 Pro and On7 Pro smartphones. Through the use of Amazon Display ads, Samsung reached out to over 26 million unique shoppers on desktop and mobile, with its products being viewed over 2X more than competition. The Amazon Display ads solution allows brands to display their ads on premium high traffic placements on

“During the festive season, Amazon Display Advertising contributed to over 30% of the overall product page views creating the desired traction for the newly launched Galaxy On Pro phones” says Tathagat Jena, General Manager (Marketing), Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd.

Increased ad campaign efficiency

One of Samsung’s advertising objectives was to generate product searches and enquires for the On Pro series phones on the online medium. Ever since Samsung began the advertising campaign in September, the number of searches for the 2 keywords (On Pro 5 and On Pro 7) grew by 70% month on month that had a direct impact on sales that grew by 90% over the non-advertised period

“The Amazon team managed the ad campaigns very effectively. The recommendations provided by the team around aspects such as targeting, creative inputs, trying out several call to actions on the ads helped us achieve our ambitious business objectives", says Mr. Jena.

Surge in online sales

With the Amazon Display Advertising platform, Samsung ran varied types of targeted ad campaigns, that also revealed exact groups of Amazon customers who were most likely to take action after exposure to their ads such as those who were in the market for other mobile phones. With carefully targeted ads served across Amazon, Samsung maximized exposure among groups that mattered most, resulting in 35% incremental product sales and selling 5 times the units sold by competition

"The tool has ensured we reach out to active potential buyers and influence them at an early stage of their buying journey. We look at Amazon Display Advertising as an always on digital marketing tool that will be an integral part of our marketing mix,” says Mr. Jena.


With Amazon Display Ads, more customers viewed, researched, considered and purchased Samsung.

  • The ads were viewed by 26 million unique shoppers
  • The ads lead to a 70% month-on-month increase in keyword searches
  • The campaign had an ROI of 40X.