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Karcher uses Sponsored Ads for promoting their new product line

Karcher, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment, leveraged Sponsored Ads to grow their brand in India. The company that was focused on professional cleaning machines targeted towards B2B businesses, now has expanded its business to also cater to B2C customers in India. In order to launch their new range of B2C products such as vacuum cleaners, high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners, Karcher chose the digital advertising product- Sponsored Ads to reach out to potential shoppers and expand this business.

Easy to use online tools

With Sponsored Ads a brand gets access to a plethora of targeting options by which it can ensure that its ads are triggered to relevant shoppers. Not just that, with the advertising console a brand can create a free customizable brand page on

Karcher chose Keyword targeted ads to reach out to shoppers both on desktop and mobile who are searching for keywords such as ‘vacuum cleaners’, ‘hygiene products’, ‘house cleaning accessories’ and many more. They also targeted shoppers falling under particular interest segments like, health and personal care, baby products, home and kitchen etc., using Product display ads to reach out to a wide shopper base.

Boost in sales across mediums

With the onset of Amazon Advertising, Karcher witnessed a boost in not just online sales but offline sales as well.

“Advertising on Amazon using sponsored ads, led to increased product visibility which resulted in an unprecedented but welcome stock-out situation due to a high number of orders that poured in. Also, ever since we have begun advertising with sponsored ads the brand has seen a considerable spike in product enquiries received by brand distributors across the country", says Abhishek Pandey.

The brand notes that as a result of its success with Amazon Advertising, it will be diverting most of its marketing budget to an all-Amazon-based strategy and to sponsored ads in particular.

Surge in online sales

With sponsored ads, there were number of product inquiries received by Karcher. More than 2500 product inquiries with Ad being viewed more than 17 million times - Karcher has derived good value from using the advertising console product features extensively with insightful reporting to take actionable decisions.

"Amazon is a perfect platform for us to advertise our home and garden range of products and with an intuitive advertising like sponsored ads, our products have achieved higher visibility and sales which more than offset any ad spends” says Mr. Abhishek Pandey.


With Sponsored Ads, more customers viewed, researched, and purchased Karcher products.

  • The campaign delivered a ROI (Return on Ad spend) of 29X
  • The ads were viewed 17 million times
  • The products were researched ober 2.5k times by shoppers
What they said

“[Sponsored Ads] is a smart digital advertising platform through which we have achieved high product visibility, increase brand recall, boost in online and offline sales and informative insights through its robust reporting system that has helped us measure all the above mentioned metrics”

Abhishek Pandey, Marketing Manager, Karcher - India