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Dell achieved spectacular results using display and performance ads

Dell leveraged on display Ads and performance Ads to get 43X ROI in just 15 days.

To secure a greater market share in the category of laptops with branding objective for new products and push sales for high performing products, Dell started advertising on Amazon in July 2017. It used both display ads as well as performance Ad products achieving very high return on its ad spending on Amazon platform

Created higher individual product visibility through Sponsored Products campaign

Sponsored Products (SP) ads gave each product advertised by Dell increased product visibility and helped create brand recall in the mind of relevant shoppers. These campaigns had a very low Advertisement cost to sales (ACoS) of nearly 2.2% which turned out to be extremely cost effective.

Target relevant shoppers through Product Display Ads

Dell made smart use of high traffic ad placement options on product detail pages to effectively cross-sell and upsell their products without being intrusive to customers. Product Display Ad (PDA) placement allowed the brand to showcase their high performing products directly to relevant, high intent shoppers.

Boosting visibility through attention-grabbing Sponsored Brands

Consumer Electronics category is rife with brands competing for shoppers' attention through competitive pricing, especially at the time of ongoing offers and discounts. Through Sponsored Brands (SB), Dell boosted their brand visibility through creative, well timed ads placed strategically above all the search results. This drove high number of shoppers to their brand page getting them millions of ad impressions.


Dell achieved its marketing objective of higher brand visibility and reaching maximum number of relevant shoppers.

  • Dell got 43X ROI (Return on Investment)
  • The ads generated more than 63 million impressions within 15 days
  • Dell received more than 1 lakh page views during the 2 month period
Amazon ad offerings

Amazon Display Advertising offering can be coupled with performance Ad Offerings namely - Sponsored Products (SP), Sponsored Brands (SB) and Product Display Ads (PDA). Each of these ad products have unique value proposition.

  • Sponsored Products (SP) can help a brand promote its individual products
  • Sponsored Brands (SB) can help a brand to promote its range of products on prominent top of search results placement slot
  • Product Display Ads (PDA) can help a brand to target shoppers based on interest. Also, brands can target other product categories helping in up-selling and cross-selling objective