GeekTitan Success Story

Amazon Sponsored Products

GEEKTITAN drives sales with Amazon Sponsored Products.

GeekTitan - a seller of mobile accessories, began with selling quick charges for android and IOS devices on the Amazon platform.The seller chooses to use Amazon Sponsored Products that is a self-serve advertising product that works on cost-per-click (CPC)

Increased Visibility Through Sponsored Products:

In a crowded and competitive mobile phone accessory market, placement and visibility play an important role for a product. “If a product is not found easily, it tends to get lost in the search pages. Sponsored product has helped gain a great amount of visibility that has helped the business grow a whole lot,” says Anand Gupta, Founder - GeekTitan.

Accelerated Sales And Strong ROI:

Post the adoption of Sponsored Products in the month of November,the number of units sold doubled in the very same month. Anand says, “We initially started selling and advertising on several platforms, but received hardly any traction. While there was a surge in impressions there was no sales, until we tried Amazon Sponsored Products. The results have been encouraging.”

Easy To Monitor and Optimize Campaigns Reach:

Sellers on SP have access to a campaign manager tab that helps prioritize, analyze and optimize their campaign by looking at various reports that display their campaigns performance. “By looking at the performance by SKU report, I was able to review my campaign performance on a daily basis and make necessary changes,” says Anand.