AMS shaped Lino Perros' success on Amazon

Amazon Marketing Services

Gaining visibility in a competitive category like Shoes and Handbags was a challenge that Lino Perros, the fashion accessory brand, met with AMS. The tool not only helped them to get increased product visibility but also strengthened their category share by building a stronger brand. The brand believes that AMS has helped them deeply cement their business on, and also fuel off the platform sales through increased brand recall.

Increasing visibility, with almost 30% increase in brand page visits :

The brand had to grab more eyeballs in order to strengthen their brand’s presence on, as well as promote their range of new and existing products. AMS put their ads directly in front of shoppers who were interested in the handbags and shoes category, and thereby, had higher chances of purchasing Lino Perros products. Plus, the constant visibility on highly-visited pages, like the first page of the search result, Top Deal’s page, etc. increased their brand recall.

Crafting better campaigns through analyzing reports:

“A successful marketing strategy needs to be dynamic and should be based on learning from past campaigns. We found the reporting features of AMS to be particularly insightful and informative. The analytical tool helped us to measure past campaign performances, basis which we took actions for further improvement.”

Lino Perros also found the reporting features a helpful add on as it helped them understand not just consumer behavior but also the advertisement cost they were incurring. This understanding enabled
them to bring down the cost by improving their campaign performance.