Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services

Build impactful ads quickly and easily to drive sales.

“AMS has been a superb tool for us to top Amazon's search results and in increasing our brands visibility.Getting the shopper's attention is now easily measurable.”

Vishal Parekh,Marketing Director,Kingston Technology
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Why use it?

For brands on Amazon, reaching new customers and increasing product revenue just got a whole lot easier. With Amazon Marketing Services, you can:

  • Target ads by shopper search keywords or products
  • Build ads quickly and easily—no design or technical expertise needed
  • Pay only when shoppers click your ad
  • Optimize performance with detailed sales reports
  • Launch an ad campaign with a budget as low as Rs.5000

How it works

Amazon Marketing Services is currently available to brands (whose products are listed) on Amazon only. To get started:

  1. Register and start creating an ad campaign
  2. Select the products you want to advertise
  3. Set your targeting, bid, campaign budget, and duration
  4. Submit your campaign

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Success Stories

Franco Leone

“Amazon Marketing Services is the exact offering that we were looking for. Targeted searches on a platform with high purchase intent customers has helped us achieve our business goals with a relatively low spend rate.”

—Vikrant Bhambri, Director, Franco Leone

Kingston Technology

“Amazon providing this platform to brands like us lets us analyze live campaign performance, modify the targeting and take immediate decisions.”

—Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology


“One of the best aspects of AMS is that it is a simple and user-friendly advertising product. Creating a beautiful banner ad takes just a few steps and 5 minutes.”

—Mr. Abhishek Pandey, Assistant Marketing Manager, Karcher India