Amazon Premium Advertising

"The Amazon advertising platform not only results in incremental sales but also acts as a brand awareness platform that is a vital aspect of our digital agenda.”

Ms. Pooja Sahgal, General Manager Marketing, Maybelline
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Reach Amazon shoppers across desktop, mobile, and tablets

Every day millions of people come to Amazon to research, discover, and buy products. We’re passionate about our customers and focus on making their experience the best it can be. Advertising is part of that experience.

That’s why we bring to you Amazon Premium Advertising, a customizable advertising solution crafted for brands looking to increase brand reach to millions of shoppers on

Ad Placement Examples

Why Use It?

Amazon Premium ads offer brands:

1. Connect with shoppers throughout their journey: We deliver your message to the right shoppers at the right time across devices, the web, mobile apps, and ad formats

2. Display your ads on premium placements: Get access to high-traffic and strategic premium advertising slots on the Amazon homepage, deals page, product detail page, thank you page, and several pages on Amazon

3. Reach out to targeted shoppers: In order to provide brands with flexibility to reach out to relevant shoppers we have powerful targeting techniques such as:
• Customer shopping patterns: Reach shoppers based on their interests and shopping behavior
• Geographic location: Reach out to shoppers based on geographic region
• Demographics: Target shoppers based on age, gender, etc.
• Cross & up selling: Reach out to shoppers looking for similar products

4. Leverage account management services: Utilize amazon expertise to build effective advertising campaigns

5. Measure success through in-depth reporting metrics: Assess campaign performance by measuring vital metrics around, brand awareness, product consideration, attributed sales, along with other important statistics

Results you can trust

You’ll gain access to full-funnel reporting driving transparency, campaign performance and efficiency, with adequate campaign metrics.

Success Stories

Maybelline New York

"The team provided us with valuable creative and strategic guidance on how to reach-out to shoppers across mediums also assisting us with mobile responsive advertisements. Due to such prowess, we regard the Amazon Premium Ads team as our advertising partner rather than a mere vendor.”